Ultra trimmer vs Scissors


Ultra Trimmer listened to the people – all indoor growers wanted the unit but they were afraid the unit would eat their little buds. We fixed that by designing tapered slots. Simply use the size of your bud to adjust the size of the tapered slot to fit and trim your bud perfectly. Plus now there is a cola cutter built in!

Scissors vs ultra trimmer.

When they boutique trim bud the scissors make contact on every surface of the bud while they hold onto the bud.
The scissors gum up and get sticky, needing to be cleaned often. This takes time.
Bucking the bud/Shucking the stem is time consuming as well and has to be done before you grab each and every bud to put the scissors to them.
Average time to trim a pound using scissors is 8 hours for a boutique trim. BUMMER!
Ultra trimmer makes contact with all surfaces of the bud with a wave of your hand.
It snips 4872 times per minute. Its back and forth motion gives it a self cleaning action.
Most trimmers on the market have Cylindrical design that spins one way while one part is stationary that allows resin to build up so bad that it separates the 2 parts that supposed to be snipping. it lose the integrity of its snipping.It pulls the bud instead of snip the bud. These things takes an hour to clean thoroughly.

IMG_0661 IMG_0659 IMG_0658

Cylindrical design devices gum up quickly and frequently[ We know we bought some to see their faults and avoid them in our design.], as these pictures show. These pictures were taken after only processing less than 3 pounds.
After 20 to 30 lbs with the ultra trimmer you will want to clean the blades. Its simple, just using Rubbing Alcohol (70% pure or better). simple spray on blades, run for a minute, turn off, wipe down with paper towel top bottom. repeat a few times you will be up and trimming in less than 5 minutes.

The way Ultra Trimmer chews through colas with out destroying the bud in seconds is amazing. Cylindrical devices will not do colas.
You can trim a pound with the Ultra Trimmer in less time than it takes to hand shuck the bud from the stem with scissors.
This means that by the time you are ready to start trimming with scissors, Ultra Trimmer would already be done trimming.