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Welcome to our testimonials page. Please feel free to submit your interest or experience with our products.

Happy Pot Farmer
There is a reason that UltraTrimmer is High Times product of the year, year after year after year! Simply because it’s the best!! Use it for your personal, or pick up a few side jobs when you’re not using it. Customer service is superb~ Great for indoor ~ BUY ONE! YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! Also, I see it over and over and over again, people buy other trimmers and are disappointed by them at some point. I laugh everytime!
BC Bud Grower
I have been using one of these machines for over two years and I am still amazed at the quality job it does. It has saved me thousands of man hours, which means tens of thousands of dollars. The buds have all the trichomes intact and there is next to no finish trim to be done afterwards. If you are looking to save money, time and get rid of the head ache of dealing with human trimmers this is the way to go!!!
Hi guy’s, This is Joe with the green box. Just wanted to give a long over due testamonial. We have used our trimmer a few times then had an issue with the motor. The folks at Ultratrim are GREAT!! They got us a new motor out asap and didn’t charge for shipping or anything. They always responded quickly and provide great customer service. All my partners have been amazed how well it works compared to tumbler trimmers!! Everyone thinks it is hand trimmed because it is!! Nothing better on the market, and with great customer service, you have to get one!! Thanks for all the help. Up and running great now!! Joe
Jeff from Colorado
I needed a machine to cut down on the team I used to trim. They were very unreliable and it was a drama fest every time. I now use 1/12th of the labor. Machine does a great job. We average 10lbs an hour including set up and break down. I built the table for the automated system and don’t regret it at all. Cost me about 59 bucks to buy and build the table. Machine does great and now I make extra money having my friends run their stuff through it. Very low maintenance and high quality construction make this a no brainer. It paid for itself the first time I used it.
Michael in Michigan
Lets talk about whats important, good buds without being caused pain. I am a disabled medical patient. After trimming, my hands would curl up into blobs. My shoulders will hurt so bad, my arms droop at my side while my family chuckles. NO PAIN, with the Ultra Trimmer. It does all the work, and my buds are beautiful. Now, I got pinched learning how to use it. Nothing compared to the other pain. I bought the cloth gloves with the rubber palms and fingers, and havent been pinched since. More importantly, I was laid up with my Crohns disease, and a friend trimmed for me. I quote him &;quot; holy sh*% Michael, that is amazing, I I trimmed 8 ounces in just under 20 minutes&;quot; So it saves time and produces &;quot;hand trimmed buds&;quot;. Lets get to another factor: SERVICE from the begining, everything has been great. I recently experienced my motor gear meeting resistance. The plates were not stuck, it wouldnt turn the gear. I called them up, and the conversation took only 4 MINUTES. Half of that, was me thanking him for replacing the motor. They provide a 1 year warranty on the unit, but yhis was more. I am within my time, but he didnt really question it. He has a more powerful motor now. And wanted me to have it. This type of service reminds me of what American made means. He didnt build the motor, O am not holding the company responsible. I CALLED WILLLING TO PAY FOR ANOTHER, AND HE WOULD NOT LET IT HAPPEN. That is taking care of your customer. Put that service with an excellent product and you cant go wrong. See how this product gives you time back in your garden, instead of hunched over a table. Buying the Ultra Trimmer, is my best investment I have made in my garden. Because it gives me time to be in my garden.
Mark T 502 grower Washington
Ultra trimmer, I love you! You took 30 days of hell of the trimmers -arguing over who got the bigger buds, feeding them, stealing the pot, etc. I used to have 20 to 30 trimmers daily for 30 days or more. Ultra trimmer made it to where I could hire four people and be done in 4 days! This thing is amazing! I’ve used all of the other trimmers on the market. I’ve rented them, they’ve come to the 502 grow to trim and demonstrate, but they destroy trichomes – this is the only machine that will not destroy trichomes and save my sanity.
I’m a grower in Michigan and I have tried every trimmer on the market. When I first heard of this machine I didn’t believe it. A fellow grower bought a smaller “collective” machine and I saw what it did and was utterly amazed. So I went all out and bought the industrial automated for $9,500. My wife (and partner), she fought me on it the whole way because of our experiences with other trimmers. I took her to my friends house to look at the collective and she said “go for it”. We used to hire many employees but now her and I can do all the work in a fraction of the time. this thing paid for itself on our first crop.
So. Cal.
I too have seen every machine on the market. I’m a grower in Southern California. I also attend all the cannabis events (HighTimes Cup, Emerald-Cup, Hempfest, etc.) I saw this machine years ago when it first came out in Seattle. The first Hempfest they ever did. Their machines back then were not as fine tuned and as good looking as they are now but they still did the same thing and I was amazed that it trimmed so well without destroying the trichomes and the trichomes are the key thing. And one other thing I noticed about Ultra Trimmer they were the only people at these events trimming live in front of you – hand you the bud put it on a microscope and let you look at the trichomes. They even take a bud, trim half of it with scissors right in front of you, lay the other half on the machine, hand you that bud and tell you to put it under the microscope roll it around see a difference between hand scissors and the mechanical scissors that an Ultra Trimmer basically is.
They did it for me and when I zoomed in on that bud under the microscope – there was no difference between scissors and their machine’s scissors f****** trichomes. That’s why they gum up on you and you have to throw them in alcohol and you get a new set of shears it’s basically pretty simple. I’m not a big grower so I got the Collective, the smaller machine, it saves me so much time.
No. Cal.
My name is Linda. I’ve always heard nightmare stories about trimming machines. I never even thought I would go down that road but I was at one of these cannabis events and there was Ultra Trimmer. They were doing live demonstrations and they’d have people look under the microscope. They trimmed half with scissors and half by machine. One of the owners of the company pulls out a set of scissors and says “This is the only way to trim bud, but if you have a couple hundred pounds and a life you’re going to need some help.” Like most growers, he had used every machine on the market and this is the only thing he could figure out that would work mechanical scissors. So we bought a industrial for our collective up in Northern Cal. Man, what a time saver! Fast and it does not destroy the trichomes! This thing is worth every penny and more – time. You can’t put a price on time.
No. Cal.
We’ve grown in Northern California for 40 years. I’ve seen every machine ever made and they all sucked. Until I saw this machine I thought I had heard it all. I called the toll free number set up a demonstration. Even witnessing it firsthand, I could not believe there was a machine out there that did not destroy the trichomes or the bud. We started with the smaller unit several years ago. We were one of the first people to buy a smaller unit. After our first year with the collective unit, we saw what bud worked with the machine and what didn’t. The bud that didn’t work with the machine is a b**** to trim by hand – let alone with machine. If you get a nice round cylindrical bud, like a blue dream, a granddaddy purp, oh man this thing is amazing.
So the next season we only grew bud that we knew worked well in the machine and bought an industrial. The following season we bought another industrial. I have two industrials working on our collective every year now. With these machines we trim 100 to 150 lbs a day.
My name is Aaron and I’ve been keeping an eye on this company from the beginning. Compared to all of the other trimmers on the market this is the ONLY one you can call a true trimmer for marijuana. That is exactly what it was designed for. The tumblers and scrapers on the market DESTROY the trichomes on your bud. Everything these guys have been saying on these testimonials is common knowledge to master growers, but all the newbies and the amateurs think that you just throw it in a machine and don’t have to touch it. Come back in 20-30 minutes and it will magically be done – that’s never going to happen. The bud should never be in a machine longer than it would take to put a pair of scissors to it – we’re talking SECONDS not MINUTES. That is what this machine delivers. Instead of holding one bud and running scissors around it, you put many buds on the scissor table and roll the buds on and off. Just like the guy says in the videos, this thing is GENIUS. This thing will dominate the industry for people who care about the quality and potency of their products.
– Aaron
I was very skeptical when I heard of the machine that did not destroy trichomes. After being in the business for decades (before there was an industry) I’ve seen just about every machine that’s come to market. I still didn’t believe the hype. I had people tell me they saw it in action at the Cannabid Cups and I don’t go to those shows – but I had to see this thing for myself. The guys at UltraTrimmer rolled the bud around on the machine, then handed it to me and had me put it under the microscope to look at the trichomes. Then they gave me another bud and a pair of scissors and told me to only trim one side of it. I made it look really good, spending 20-30 seconds on it – maybe more. They laid the other half on their machine for 1-2 seconds. Then they handed me the bud back and challenged me to find the side that was scissor trimmed based on the difference in trichomes under the microscope. There was NO difference! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.I bought one right there on the spot, and I tell you I love this thing. It is AMAZING. It saves SO much time its crazy. The cola cutter – all the other machines out there have to have the colas bucked first and its time consuming. This thing cuts right through the colas. Then give the bud a roll on the machine and its over. I actually get giddy whenever I get to use mine after all the years spent scissor trimming!
– MJ
I’m in the concentrate business and we do not use machine trim because there is no yield. All of the trichomes get stuck to the cylinder parts of the machine, the vacuum hoses, etc. The bud gets beaten up along with the leaf, etc. The guys at Bumblebee (one of the biggest concentrate companies in the industry) said “Hey, there’s a trimmer out there that can trim the bud like scissors and NOT destroy the trichomes on the bud or the shake!” – and the shake is the most important part to us. The trichomes must be left on leaf trim to extract for concentrate. Normal scissor trim will yield 10 to 12 percent with nice color. The Ultra Trimmer leaf trim came in at a solid 11 percent with beautiful color. I had never seen or heard of concentrates turning out with that kind of yield or color from a machine – it really is just like scissor trim!
– Sean
No Name
After watching a few of the videos of the live demonstrations at the Cannabis Cups the gentleman who said its not a hops trimmer is correct. All of the tumblers on the market are basically designed like a hops trimmer. I guess somebody saw a hops trimmer one time and thought you could throw bud in it and it would work, but it doesn’t. It’s too bad more people weren’t aware of this fact. The Ultra Trimmer is the closest you will get to scissor trimmed bud, of any device on the market – without destroying trichomes.
– No Name
Mike in California
I had tumblers and they do mess up the trichomes. I looked at the Ultra Trimmer and another machine called Green Bros. I made the monumental mistake of getting the Green Bros. As I said earlier, the tumblers do mess up the trichomes. With the Green Bros scraping system there are no trichomes! They’re literally scraped off! Our test results came back with less than 50% of what the same bud came back with from scissor trimming! The scissor trim came back at 23.8 and after the Green Bros we only got 10% of it! It was worse than tumblers!
– Mike
I ran a 1 lb batch through my old tumbler and 1 pound through my new Ultra Trimmer. I then sent samples from both out to have the THC levels tested. All of this was from the same plant yet the tumbled bud lost so many trichomes the THC level came back at 15 while the Ultratrimmer bud came back at 21! I lost all my trichomes in the tumbler! It may be easier to throw your buds in a tumbler and walk away but you are losing your ass! Don’t be lazy – Do a little work! Keep your hands on the bud and you’ll come out with a higher THC content with the UltraTrimmer than ANY tumbler.
– Sean
Eric from Humboldt co.
I hate machines – they don’t work but for destroying trichomes, till I saw the ultra trimmer at a show doing live demos. None of the other trimmer companies do demos. You know why the other trimmer companies don’t do demos? Theirs destroy and lose trichomes right before your eyes! The design of Ultra Trimmer went in a different direction from the norm of spinning fans and tumblers, it’s just what it is – mechanical scissors and works great. ultra trimmer will take 80% 90% of the work out of your season.
it’s worth every penny. Thank you Ultra Trimmer!
Seattle – John here
I bought an UltraTrimmer and I love it, but I messed up. I didn’t read or watch the cleaning videos. I ran 13 pounds through it in 5 hours, then turned it off and walked away. When I came back 2 days later and turned it on the blades were stuck together. This broke the motor gears. I called the factory and they said if you would have cleaned it before putting it away this wouldn’t have happened. Basically it came down to operator error. The factory still sent me a replacement motor and explained how to clean it. (They even overnighted the motor to me on a Saturday) They told me as long as I keep the machine clean then this will never happen again and it hasn’t yet. Great tech support, great machine.
Shelly in Grass Valley Ca.
No machine touches my big colas. I thought all machines destroy bud until I saw the Ultra Trimmer in action at a show. It’s a big time saver and life saver on the medium to small buds. They are the worst to trim and usually take me weeks. I was done in minutes with this machine.
Oakland grower here –  I’m an indoor grower only. I’ve seen/used all of the trimmers on the market. They all don’t work.
My friend told me about the Ultra trimmer and I thought it was another trimmer that destroys bud until I saw it work. Its mechanical scissors and cola cutter are amazing! Totally different direction of the trimmer concepts I’d seen before. A common sense concept.
The cola cutter is the main reason I bought the unit, after playing with it as far as trimming the bud? Fucking beautiful!!!
They said 10 to 13% moisture when trimming it and a little scissor work. It’s true and impressive.
However, if you get the moisture down to 8 to 10% hardly any scissor work, any lower than that the bud falls apart in the bag before you ever put scissors on it.
And  its not that high priced compared to the twister i paid $14000 for and it destroyed most of the bud.

Genius and yet so simple. Ted you summed it up with that sentence.

It works like a dream.
I saw this innovative unit at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA last year – before tapered slots, loved the concept. They told me about the tapered slot they were adding on the next laser run. They laser those food grade stainless steel plates! It’s not cheap, I know, I ran laser work for years. I grow indoors, every one knows indoor bud is not as robust as outdoor bud.
Once they had the new tapered slots I knew I was good to go. That cola cutter is genius and yet so simple. I’m surprised no one else had come up with this concept sooner. I heard talk of scissors tables but no one ever followed through with it. The bend in it is the same arch on the standard hand scissors. Genius and yet so simple.
 We live way out off the grid, no internet, no electricity, we use a generator when we need power.
 We had no way to view the Ultra trimmer on a web site or youtube, all we had was a brochure a friend picked up at the Emerald Cup.
 We called the toll free # and the guy said “would you like see a live demo”? “Yes, I would” I replied. They sent a guy from Chico CA out. He was the closest.
I’ve alway shyed away from machine trimmers because of how rough it is on the bud. Not this unit. Its mechanical scissors and the cola cutter is insane. It was worth it just for the cola cutter. The unit actually works great compared to all other trimmers I’ve seen on the market. Just like scissors without destroying the flowers and trichomes.
I’ve never seen a warranty on any trimmer that backs their product as well as the Ultra trimmer. Hell, most don’t even have a warranty because they know they suck.

I will never trim with scissors again! What took me almost 3 weeks last season only took me 3 days this year – and that wasn’t even working fast! THANK YOU!!


As a man who’s made a living trimming, I am both impressed and scared that the ultra trimmer will run me out of a job!


I just saw you at the Canabis Cup and I am definitely ordering a few of these for next harvest! Keep up the good work!


        I want to congratulate Ultra Trimmer for a fine machine that out performs the wet trim machines. The Ultra will process about 5 lbs. an hour and you can hand groom that to Boutique in a matter of a few hours. {With out destroying trichomes] I bought a EZ trimmer few years ago, destroyed the bud.  You don’t need the hand trimmers and their baggage.

we did 190 lbs in 10 days with out breaking a sweat. 2 of us, averaged about 5 hours a day, normally we would of had 10 people for 2 months to do it, the time saved, the hassle of dealing with trimmers, [people]  and the $ saved is mind blowing


I bought one of these units at emerald cup in santa rosa ca. was skeptical since being burn by other trimmers i had bought, wife wanted it. OMG id run a lb. thru it in 20 minutes have the wife touch it up another 20 30 minutes. we were boutique trimming lbs. in 45 to 50 minutes. UNBELIEVABLE !with out destroying trichomes, thats the 1st thing i did was trim a few buds with the machine, put them under the microscope.the trichomes looked just like a scissors trimmed bud under the scope. I’m very impressed.


We are done normally my wife and i wouldn’t be done till end feb. I’m taking  my wife on vacation 1st time in years because we have the time thanks to this machine.


 I’ve been in the game since Vietnam, way before the medical seen. seen it all. used most of the trimmers on the market over the last 20 years. I agree with what ultra trimmer says on the web site. trimming wet bud is stupid. it should be hang and cured in a cool dark place for 2 to 3 weeks.
so i bought one. with money back guarantee, never heard of a trimmer offering that. i got one. this thing is a game changer it will change the industry as far as trimming dry finished buds.
Bottom line it works great, just like scissors but many scissors


we did 190 lbs in 10 days with out breaking a sweat. 2 of us, averaged about 5 hours a day, normally we would of had 10 people for 2 months to do it, the time saved, the hassle of dealing with trimmers, [people]  and the $ saved is mind blowing.


we saved over $10,000 in labor fees and done in weeks instead of months. that guys right this is a game changer for the industry, the trimmer guys right too. he better start looking for a new job.


we saved lot of $ and time. we are making $ with we rent it out with 2 operators, 20 lb. minimal a day. Price? what every they are paying there trimmers per lb. we charge half that. average a $1000 a day or 20 lbs.