All buds shown were trimmed with the UltraTrimmer.

You can clearly see that this is the best device for dry bud trimming & it is available for much less than “competing” products. If you need a dry bud trimmer, you NEED an UltraTrimmer.

While there are many products available to trim dry bud, trichome total is the bottomline. Others either mangle & destroy your bud, take forever to trim, or require extra work. These UltraTrimmer photos show how gently & quickly you can trim your dry bud. If you would like to see the UltraTrimmer in action, be sure to check out our Videos page & our YouTube Channel. If you have any questions, feel free to use our Contact page to get a hold of us & we will do our best to respond quickly.

Dry bud trimming is a delicate procedure & requires precision gentle handling of the product. This was our biggest concern in designing the UltraTrimmer. As experienced growers in the industry, we know how much time & energy trimming takes. Just like any other process, the goal is to cut the time & people needed to produce without sacrificing quality or damaging the product. We welcome our customers to send us videos & pictures of before, during & after trimming with the UltraTrimmer.

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